Prospects for the S-Tone mouthpieces

The S-Tone mouthpieces are the result of a trial-and-error process, with many experiments, that has begun in 2005.

Numerous models and prototypes have been tested, modified, fine-tuned, starting from standard on-the-shelf mouthpieces.

Set-ups with one, two, or even three separating blades have been tried, that allow, at will, the fine-tuning of several features of the sound.

Still, a better reproducibility and an easier manufacturability make a simple one-blade configuration the favoured implementation option.

The S-Tone mouthpieces can be made from metal or hard rubber bodies. Tangible results can be demonstrated on the tenor and the soprano saxophones, and can very obviously be extended to the alto.

A Patent Application for the S-Tone mouthpieces has already been filed.

This new type of mouthpiece has been presented for tests and validation to prominent musicians, and to manufacturers.

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"ADN"  on tenor

"Riding a Manta Ray" on soprano

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